Dubai has become, in the past decade, known for its opulence and grandeur. Home to everything "greatest", "tallest" or "most fantastic", Dubai has become a magnet for shopping, architectural wonders and commerce. Built upon the site of ancient trading routes and ports, Dubai is one of two gems of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Abu Dhabi being the other located only a short drive from Dubai. Dubai is a family oriented, clean, healthy and glamorous city where luxury fashion, jewelry, cars and yachts are the norm.

The center of Middle Eastern and African finance, with its international banking, gold trade, logistics and aviation capability, Dubai is a "must be location for anyone engaged in international business. Nearly every large, well known corporation is located in the Emirate.

Two thirds of the world population lives within an 8 hour flight of Dubai. Our being well connected in Dubai can springboard your business into the international marketplace.